Have You Revisited Your Employment Contracts?

Small businesses in Florida have been facing significant challenges and changes over the last few years. Due to pandemic-related concerns, many companies shifted to remote work models, which were ultimately preferred by many employees. In the event that your company decides to permanently alter its working model, it is imperative that your employment contract reflects that change. If you have not reworked your agreements since before the pandemic, don’t wait any longer to make these critical changes!

Your employment contracts protect you as an employer and clarify your relationship with your employees. If they are outdated, they don’t provide as much protection or benefit to each party. With so much change having occurred over the last two years, it makes sense to check your contracts carefully to determine if they would benefit from an update.

Why Are Contract Updates Important?

Many factors may require the updating of your employment contracts, including changes in circumstances, legal requirements, etc. According to recent statistics, a high percentage of the Florida  workforce now works a hybrid schedule or completely remotely. Due to the growing number of people working outside the traditional office arrangement, the following issues have become more pressing:

  • Remote workplace data security
  • Hybrid or remote workers’ compensation
  • Work locations for remote or hybrid workers

The considerations listed here are just a starting point – multiple factors need to be considered when drafting a new contract for a remote employee, especially if they work outside the city or even state. Current employment contracts must reflect your business’ current objectives and operational requirements. Your employment contracts may become invalid, unreasonable, or unenforceable if you fail to update them, which could create complications in your relationship with employees.

How Should You Begin?

Start by assessing your agreements and legal needs if you believe your current employee contracts need to be updated. An employment contract that’s strong, carefully crafted, and protects your company’s long-term success and the well-being of your employee-employer relationship is an important tool for every business, and a small business lawyer can help you create an agreement that meets these criteria.

What if You Don’t Have Employment Contracts?

Employment relationships are governed by various terms, whether they are written down or not. However, without a contract, a court may rely on implied terms of employment, which can result in unexpected outcomes when an issue arises. If you own a small business in Florida, protect yourself now by hiring an attorney to draft or review employment contracts for your current and future teams.


At the Florida Small Business Center, we understand that the quality of a contract is not measured by the number of pages nor the frequency of legal terms. Simple, straightforward, and clear employment agreements are more likely to serve both parties’ interests. We have drafted, reviewed, and edited several employment contracts and advised employers on their rights in the workplace. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your contract review needs, call 1-866-842-5202.

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