Florida Small Business Legal Center

Taking your business forward? This is where we come in!

Founded as Richard Sierra & Associates, PA, in 2004, Florida Small Business Legal Center provides legal advice and support to business owners at all stages of their journey. Our job is to handle the legal complexities and contracts, so you can focus on what you do best.

We have answers to questions like:

  • Can you suggest a structure to ensure proper equity ownership?
  • What is the best way to protect my intellectual property?
  • How do I secure my company’s corporate name?
  • How do I prevent common pitfalls as my company grows?
  • What do I need: employees or consultants? Where do I start?

Attorney Richard Sierra, Esq. has handled hundreds of business-related matters since 2004. Through skilled negotiations and experience-backed litigation strategies, he strives to meet clients’ objectives and provide effective solutions. As a trusted Florida small business lawyer, his goal is to provide you with assertive representation and reliable advice.

To schedule a consultation, contact the Florida Small Business Legal Center today by calling 866-842-5202. Se habla espanol.

“Richard Sierra is a top notch attorney. For my business dispute, I did over 10 free attorney consultations before picking Richard Sierra. Many of the attorney’s I consulted would get sidetracked on irrelevant matters and not fully answer my questions. Richard was spot on. He always understood what I was asking and what was needed. He provided excellent legal advice, solutions and attorney letters as needed. He was very efficient to get things done and I was very happy with the outcome for my business dispute. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

-Lawyers.com Review
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