Commercial Leases

Your commercial lease is one of the most important documents that you’ll sign as a business owner. A lease is a long-term commitment, frequently accompanied by a personal guarantee that can open the business owner to personal liability. Don’t obligate your business to many years of contractual responsibilities without having a business lawyer assist you in reviewing and negotiating the lease.

How Can the Florida Small Business Center Help?

Commercial lease

As a general rule, a well-drafted commercial lease has been prepared by attorneys hired by the landlord to protect their interests. In these documents, the legal language can be very complicated, and you could be signing a blank check to the landlord if you’re not familiar with how to interpret the contents. By hiring an attorney to review and advise you on a commercial lease, you put yourself on an equal standing with the landlord.

When reviewing commercial leases, the Florida Small Business Center will identify all of the current and future charges that are included and take the time to explain these charges to you. Furthermore, we will negotiate the lease terms with the landlord to avoid unexpected and unreasonable charges and help you grow your business. Other services include:

  • Preliminary Ensuring that services, maintenance and repair, services guaranteed by the landlord are provided
  • Providing dispute resolution and litigation services arising from commercial lease disagreement
  • Renegotiating terms
  • Negotiating termination of a commercial lease

Commercial Lease Legal Services for
Florida Businesses

A commercial lease and the property associated with it can establish your corporate identity as well as the conditions and amenities you and your employees will enjoy going forward. Landlords in Florida are more aggressive in their negotiating approach, so you need a commercial lease attorney who can protect your interests and level the playing field. To learn more about what we can do for you, call 1-866-842-5202.

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