Rich Sierra is truly a rare gem of a lawyer and person. If you want to get an idea of who he truly is, watch the promo videos on his firm’s

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website. It’s easy to dismiss such videos as marketing stories. But after my life-changing experience working with Rich to settle a very difficult business dispute for over 6 months in 2020, I can say hand on heart that the Rich you see in those videos is the real guy. He charges a small fee for a consultation call, however the call is actually valuable advice and exploring strategy to solve your case. Going forward, he confirms with you all planned billing so there are no surprises. Lastly, his pricing is surprisingly affordable, which he can do because he handles a high volume of cases with success. Rich has completed several hundred business dispute mediations and resolutions, and during my mediation, it showed. I’m trying not to ramble here, however, I can’t say enough great things about Rich Sierra. Rich cares, is a great listener, and is extremely competent as a business mediator and litigator. One of a kind person. I highly recommend Richard Sierra and his firm, Florida Small Business Legal Center, for anyone needing resolution of a business dispute/legal matter. Rich, thank you so much!

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